Fully Decentralized Token without taxes

$KRSTM is a fully decentralised token with no taxes that is driven by usecases made by community with the focus on games and casino.

What is a fully decentralised token?

A fully decentralised token is a digital asset that is not subject to any central authority or middleman. This means that the token can be used and traded freely without the need for approval from any central body. The community drives the usecases for the token.

What are the benefits of a fully decentralised token?

The main benefit of a fully decentralised token is that it gives users complete control over their assets. There are no restrictions on how the token can be used or traded, and users are free to choose which usecases they want to support. This also means that the token is not subject to the whims of any central authority, and is therefore much more stable and resilient.

What are the usecases for a fully decentralised token?

The usecases for a fully decentralised token are only limited by the imagination of the community. However, some popular usecases include games and casinos. Games can use the token as a currency for in-game purchases, while casinos can use the token to gamble with. The community can also decide to use the token for other purposes, such as a store of value or a means of exchange.

What is the difference between a fully decentralised token and a centralised token?

A centralised token is subject to the control of a central authority, such as a government or a corporation. This means that the token can only be used and traded with the approval of the central authority. In contrast, a fully decentralised token is not subject to any central authority and can be used and traded freely by the community.

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Slot machine game in telegram

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KRSTM Token – Initial Ecosystem Plan

Illustration of Ecosystem

This post will show the initial idea around the ecosystem for KRSTM token , and its main utility and liquidity force going forward , which will incentivise more developments and usecases backed by this decentralized revenue system and usecase.

It will consist in 2 main products which together make it possible a decentralized liquidity incentived by stablecoin rewards,synthetics creation with over 50% overcollaterization and no loss lotteries with constant profits.

Luckblocks – Consists mainly of original no-loss lotteries with prizes on mainstream cryptos like BTC,ETH,MATIC and also KRSTM , tickets are bought in USDC (or other stablecoin , based on community choice), these lotteries has fast prizes activated on each new bought/forfeit or auto spins backed by KRSTM holders nodes , winners of each raffle has a chance in the main lottery jackpot with its choosen numbers , each ticket has 3 draws in which you get your initial capital invested on the tickets plus profits. A part of each ticket bought will be redirected automatically to a decentralized staking pool for KRSTM-WMATIC LP holders. More about it in this link( https://krstm.tech/posts/luckblocks-decentralized-no-loss-lottery-with-revenue-for-krstm-lp-holders-2/)
Unisynths (working in progress name) – A synthetic asset platform, with one of it main objectives in bringing some big communities like DASH and LTC to Polygon network. Unisynths will use Luckblocks to overcollaterized itself on each new mint, bringing constant volume to the lotteries as each minter will be using their USDC collateral to play in Luckblocks on background, Minted tokens can be traded freely in any DEX/CEX etc, including a 1:1 trade on Atomic swaps with original asset. Example : if you mint 20 USDC in kDASH (DASH synthetic) you will receive 19.80 usd in kDASH or 20 usd in kDASH if you hold at least 5 KRSTM, contract will play in KRSTM lottery and receive back 30 USDC , having 10 USDC on top of the initial deposit in the end of the 3 raffle cycle, new mints in short time increase the chance of contract winning the raffles and sums the raffles opportunity to the contract, also if contract wins the jackpot on any of the lotteries, it will use its prize to buy KRSTM at the market and store it as reserve, increasing its value and getting tokens out of the market, this will help KRSTM store of value and to be used safely as a reserve currency on top of the 40% overcollaterization of USDC.

LUCKBLOCKS – Decentralized No Loss Lottery with revenue for KRSTM LP Holders

Hi all, I have an idea for a new type of no-loss lottery, after seeing the staking no-loss lottery ones, I could see some problems like a loss on volatility, or in the case of stablecoins pool, an advantage for whales to win.

In my idea, everyone has the same chance, you can buy only one ticket per lottery that is raffled 3 times, so you got 3 chances to hit the jackpot, also it receives in stable coin 50% of the ticket value on each raffle win, on a total of 3 raffles you earn 150% back of your initial investment, nothing deters you to play more tickets with other wallet accounts, but this will only benefit all players involved, as each ticket bought activates the lottery draw while putting more capital for the jackpot:

There will be a special lottery with a prize in MATIC, with the prize for the raffle being 40% back, so 120% back on your total investment, where 10% is used to buy LINK tokens and sended

directly to smart contracts for self-sustainability and additional capital for other lotteries. To incentivize betting on this lottery, the prize will be bigger and you will have more chances to win, with less competition and more numbers in your ticket (4 numbers) in the contrast to the normal 2 numbers for BTC and KRSTM lotteries and 3 numbers for ETH lottery.

There will be auto-spin draws after certain rules are met like a number of players and jackpot accumulation, so it will not be dependent on new ticket buys, the lottery will be running even if not coming new players and raffle prizes will come from jackpot sells, it will be done decentralized by users that run the function on certain times, like every 5 minutes for BTC lottery, and 15 minutes for ETH lottery, etc, these users will receive some incentive in USDC to do so, also coming from Jackpot sells.

To be eligible for rewards, users need to hold 1 or more of the 250 NFTnodes , these NFTs will be minted by locking 10 KRSTM tokens, they are the key token and needed to be staked on the NFTnode configuration smart contract to join the queue.

The nodes are paid randomly based on a active queue in one by one, and goes to the waiting queue after a sucessfull execution, after all the active nft nodes are paid, the queue resets.

This idea is non-dependant on token success, it works independently and decentralized, but I think in some ways of instead in getting revenue for me, to distribute to token holders of an ecosystem, for the sake of decentralized distribution of revenues for decades to come.

For that, the LP incentive will come from a 0.5% fee on each ticket bought, it will accumulate over a period of 1 month, send directly to the pool contract, and calculated automatically for distribution per block on each month, users have to stake for a minimum time of 15 days or will pay a 10% fee on withdraw, all fees will go to burn address for permanent liquidity. This pool will give permanent incentive with real revenue to liquidity providers to provide liquidity to KRSTM and new utilities can be developed backed by strong liquidity.

Also KRSTM holders will have 30% discount on tickets , when holding more than 5 KRSTMs.

A synthetics platform is planned to use this platform to over collaterize its collateral and use KRSTM reserves bringing constant action to the lottery and buy pressure to KRSTM token on jackpot winnings, more of it in next posts. Thank you.